Trade referrals with other small business owners & sales people.

How It Works

1. Create A


Let people know your value

When you sign up for Staunch.Biz, you'll have the opportunity to create a profile page where you can list your skills, add a bio, picture and even a short pitch video that you can record with your webcam. Do you have a large network of clients and associates? A unique skill set? Let people know how networking with you will help them grow their own businesses.

2. Find A


Connect with like-minded people

Find a group that doesn't already have a member with your skills and request membership. Once approved, you'll have access to weekly scheduled conferences where you can trade referrals and hold online events to refer business to each other. Can't find a group that suits your needs? Start your own, invite people you want to network with and build a sales team in a few quick steps.

3. Participate in Video


Stay engaged with your group & drive business

To remain a member in good standing, you'll need to attend online video conferences with your group. These are generally held once per week. A common format is for everybody in the group to give a 1-2 minute elevator pitch, and to share any referrals you gave or received, and whether those referrals turned into meetings and new business. You get what you give, so be prepared to open your contact list, and other members will do the same for you.

4. Expect Full


Help others & improve your ranking

This platform is about transparency, not a bunch of rules that nobody follows. If you maintain a good attendance record, and refer business to other members of your group, you'll rise in the rankings, and groups with the strongest networking teams will want to recruit you. We generally recommend that you start with one group to hone your networking skills, and then join one or two more. Just don't spread yourself so thin that you stop bringing value to the people you've teamed up with.

5. Continue To


Join now & start growing your business

Sign up for your free Staunch.Biz profile and get started today. You can be trading referrals with other small business owners and sales people in no time at all. Within a few months, you can easily grow your business by 10-30% just by attending some weekly video conferences and trading leads with people you like.

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