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Daniel Carrillo

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Elliman Pasadena


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140 S Lake Ave Suite 230, Pasadena, CA 91101


Elliman California Real Estate Agent

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Dan Carrillo’s 37-year career in the real estate and housing industry is filled with a broad range of experiences and leadership roles. In the residential and commercial brokerage community, Dan’s experience with successful real estate firms as a sales agent, executive, sales manager, trainer, business development expert, director of relocation and corporate services and developer bring a unique mixture of talent and expertise to his current focus on residential and commercial real estate sales., His leadership roles in the industry over his career is based on a firm foundation in organized real estate, as a local association president, former state director of the California Association of Realtors, (where he became a Regional Chair and member of the Long Range Strategic Planning Committee) and as a longtime member of the National Association Realtors., Dan’s caring and knowledgeable service has been at the cornerstone of his successful career in representing buyers, investors and sellers in the great Los Angeles area. He has been blessed to represent consumers over the decades and adult children of those same consumers as a symbol of his integrity and understanding of the real estate process and the service that exceeds expectation., Dan is team leader to The North by Northwest Group, which is a sales and marketing team for all North by Northwest developments of which he is a managing partner. North by Northwest Capital Inc. is a Los Angeles based residential and commercial development company in business since 2012., Dan lives in the foothills of Pasadena California with his wife Christine. He is a gourmet cook, wine enthusiast and sings tenor with various local choirs.


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