Frequently Asked Questions

What is Staunch.Biz?
We are a B2B networking website that takes offline network marketing tactics and puts them online. In local networking groups, you meet people face to face every week to refer business to one another. At Staunch, you join virtual groups and meet people conveniently online in your group’s video conference room each week, or as frequently as the group rules indicate, and you share business referrals with other members.
Are video conferences mandatory?
This depends on the rules for the groups that you join. Unlike many local networking groups that have strict rules for membership, we’d rather leave those rules up to each individual group to decide for themselves. Some groups will have mandatory weekly online meetings. Others will have a mix of one or two mandatory meetings, and one or two optional meetings each month. Some will keep everything optional. You get to decide what works best with your schedule, and pick the groups that best match your needs. Keep in mind, rules do tend to produce better results, and mandatory weekly meetings tend to produce the best outcomes if you’re looking to stay motivated to share referrals for new business with like-minded people.
What happens if I miss a mandatory meeting?
Each group sets its own rules for missing meetings. Some may kick you out. Others may issue warnings. Keep in mind, that Staunch is about transparency. We maintain your attendance record in the system, and that will be visible to other members and groups. We want you to pick the best groups for you needs, and we want each group to pick the members that they feel are the most motivated to succeed. Attendance is an important metric. Keep in mind that you can quit any group at any time. If you find that your schedule prohibits you from meeting the requirements of your group, then it is best to instead look for groups with looser requirements.
How do I remove my profile?
We hope you stay and trade business with other members. However, if you decide that networking with small business owners, professional service providers, and sales people is not for you, then it’s easy to delete your profile. Log in to your account. If you do not remember your password, then click the Lost your password link at the bottom of the page. If you don’t know which email was used to create your account, then just enter your username. Your username is displayed underneath your profile picture. A password reset link will be emailed to you. Once you log in, click the Settings tab on the left of your profile page. You will see an option to Delete Account – click it and follow the prompts. All of your profile data will be deleted. Keep in mind that this is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

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