Optimizing Your Staunch Profile

Staunch is a unique B2B networking platform. Although our platform has some powerful features for network marketers, the real value will come from following our process to drive quality sales leads to your business. This begins with having a profile that stands out, and you can do this by utilizing all of the tools that we’ve made available to push out content about yourself and your company.

B2B networking profile creation & optimization walkthrough video

Be a Person, Not a Company

Staunch is a network marketing platform that connects people, not companies. Your real identity is first and foremost, and your company identity is secondary. When admins look for new members for their groups, they’ll be selective about people who seem ambitious, trustworthy, and effective, and when you engage in weekly video conferences with your virtual sales team on our platform, you’ll want to know their names.

Add a Nice Profile Picture

Whatever you do, make sure that you have a profile picture. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t add pictures to their profiles. This is a sure way to get ignored by people who might otherwise want to network with you. Plus, our algorithm will place the most complete profiles higher on the page than those that look incomplete or spammy. We shouldn’t judge others according to their looks, but let’s face it; everybody has some degree of bias. So, make your picture work for you, not against you. That doesn’t mean that you need to get model shots taken. But, it does mean that if you look presentable, and approachable, then people will likely reach out.

Add a Cover Image

Your cover image can say a lot about you, and it may make the difference when people are deciding on who to let into their inner circles, so make it count. If you want, it’s okay to brand your cover image under your company. Just make sure that your profile image is of your face, and not of your company logo if you want to achieve the best results. You can also use inspirational imagery, or pictures that just stand out. Keep in mind that you’ll want your name, bio and other information to stand out, so we recommend simple, dark images. Please do not use copyrighted images. If you use a free stock photo website like Pixabay, they generally require you to give them credit for providing the picture.

Add a Short Biography

You can easily edit your profile and add a few paragraphs to your About Me section. Start out with something short and sweet if you like, and then come back to your profile and expand on it as you think of new ideas. The key to networking is to show people the benefits of working with you. People always ask, “what’s in it for me?” So tell them. How big is your network? How many clients do you have? What do you do, and what makes you unique? Most importantly, what value can you bring to a Staunch group if they acccept you as a member?

Add Location Information

Some people want to network with talented folks around the world. Other people prefer to network with people nearby, so that they can have the occasional face-to-face meeting. Both approaches are fine, and you won’t want to miss a possible connection by leaving out your address. Let people find you when they search by city or region, and you’ll get lots of bites. At minimum, we recommend adding your city, state, and country

Add a Pitch Video

Let’s face it: most people don’t like to read. Make it easy for them to decide on inviting you into their groups by uploading a short, 30 to 60-second video to your profile. You can shoot it with your camera phone, edit the file, and then upload it through the interface for a professional look and feel. Or, you can use the built-in recorder on your profile to shoot a video, or series of videos that will appear when people click the “Play” icon on your profile. In this video, you can demonstrate your vibrant personality in ways that never come through on paper.

Start Making Friends

When you’re confident in your profile, you’ll want to start connecting with people. We will continue to improve our search algorithm, taking into consideration not only how many contacts you have, but how engaged you are with each individual, and how relevant they are to your field of work. So, start by connecting with a few people, and then join a group.

Join a Group

You’re now ready to join a network marketing team on Staunch.biz! Pick out a few chapters that look promising, and reach out to them, or click the “apply” button. After you get a feel for how the group dynamic is structured, you can consider joining a second or third group, or creating your own.

Invite Your Colleagues

Staunch.Biz is all about helping people achieve as much success as they want. This begins with pulling together a like-minded community that seeks out win-win relationships. What better way to do that than by bringing more good people into the fold? Reach out to a few friends, clients, colleagues and other people who would bring value to this community. They may join your group, or they may join others. One thing is certain: if they are able to grow their business as a direct result of your recommendation, they’ll remember you for it, and they may one day return the favor.

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